20 Enjoyble Christmas Questions

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merry christmas

Whether you’re relaxing around the Christmas decoration, christmas tree together or in the car on a long road trip over the holidays, here are 20 enjoyble Christmas questions and trivia to spark fun new conversation for you, your family, your lover and friends.

Have you fun!

christmas tree decor
christmas tree decor




There are so many questions to be asked for Christmas that we have compiled the questions you will encounter for you. Here are some fun Christmas questions..





The answers are, if you have the right..

  1. Should Christmas be under the snow ,or should it be hot?
  2. Should you buy gifts for your loved ones, or would it be better if you shared a new experience together?
  3. Playing snowball outside or sipping hot chocolate by the fireplace?
  4. Sledding in the snow or reading under the Christmas tree is the most peaceful?
  5. Christmas shopping in New York or shopping online in neol baba pajamas is the coolest?
  6. What should we prepare for Christmas dinner?
  7. Which ornaments to choose this year for the Christmas tree?
  8. What to do with the concept for Christmas dinner?
  9. What should a Valentine get for Christmas?
  10. Which recipe should you try to prepare a Christmas cake?
  11. What to look out for in fireplace decoration?
  12. What movie should they watch if they spend Christmas night at home?
  13. In which country are the Christmas markets more glorious?
  14. What is the recipe that makes a Christmas turkey the best?
  15. What are the best Christmas wishes?
  16. How to decorate your home for Christmas?
  17. How should he spend Christmas Eve?
  18. What are the best Christmas movies?
  19. What should we use in Christmas party concepts?
  20. What are the best Christmas gift ideas?




You ask yourself all these  Christmas questions and we will find the answers to these questions and share them with you.



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